It is essential to know the market you're in. That is why we created an easy to understand market snapshot! If you have any questions on our market and what it is doing please don't hesitate to reach out to any one of our agents for advice or questions! 

Data from Boise Regional REALTORS® (BRR) and the Intermountain MLS (IMLS) as of December 8, 2022. These statistics are based upon information secured by the agent from the owner or their representative. The accuracy of this information, while deemed reliable, has not been verified and is not guaranteed. The IMLS and BRR provide these statistics for purposes of general market analysis but make no representations as to past or future performance.  

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January is the month for new beginnings. With the holiday rush over and the weather frigid in many parts of the country, it’s a great time to attend to some of the tasks that are easy to put off but oh-so-satisfying once they’re done — such as making or updating an inventory of what’s in your home. You might never need it, but if something goes wrong, having one can save some grief. Here are 8 tasks for your January home-maintenance checklist!

Schedule a ‘fix-it’ weekend

Set aside one weekend day this month to do minor repairs that take less than a day. Ahead of time, go from room to room and note things such as cracked switch plates, burned-out bulbs, loose screws, missing pads on chair legs and squeaky hinges that need lubrication.

Make a list…

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There is nothing quite like a really good sandwich.

They are versatile and most are easy to take on the go! Hot or cold, white or wheat, there is truly something for everyone when it comes to crafting and finding the perfect sandwich. 

We have put together the top five sandwich shops (with our suggested favorite) in the Treasure Valley! 

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4348 Chinden Blvd, Garden City, ID
6899 Overland Rd, Boise, ID
SUNDAY 10:30-7PM

Of course we have to start with this well known classic sandwich…

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